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Dime Sized Incision

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality and personalized spine and neurosurgical care using cutting edge techniques.  Dr. Sherwin Hua pioneered Lumbar fusion (TLIF) surgery through tiny dime size 18mm incisions, the smallest in the industry.  Smaller incision size means faster healing, lowest infection rates and complications, with maximal results for the relief of back and leg pain. This is a true surgical Breakthrough!

Less is More!

Our doctors work closely with physical therapists, chiropractors, and pain specialists to offer comprehensive care for each individual patient.  We also specialize in Cervical Motion Preserving and Lamina Sparing surgery using total disc replacement and laminoplasty whenever possible.  Lumbar Dime sized incision discectomy and foraminotomy that AVOID LAMINECTOMY as well as spinal cord stimulation technology provide comprehensive surgical care for neck and back pain.

Award Winning Top Doctors

Our BOARD CERTIFIED Neurosurgeons trained at the very top training programs in the world, including  Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Sherwin Hua was awarded the San Francisco Bay Area TOP DOCTOR 2018 distinction, the only spine surgeon in the South Bay with this honor.  Our surgeons also provide the most personalized care, often providing direct cell phone, text messaging, or email access for surgical patients.

DimeSpine Surgery Experience

Our Results

Half Inch Microdiscectomy

Dimespine neurosurgery half inch incision for microdiscectomy, leg pain, back pain sciatica.

Outpatient endoscopic Microdiscectomy surgery for herniated disc, leg pain, and sciatica through 12-16mm incisions (1/2 inch) ensure fast recovery.

DimeSpine Lumbar Fusion

Dimespine TLIF lumbar fusion through dime sized incision.

Full Lumbar TLIF fusions including decompressions are done through one or two tiny dime sized (16-18mm) incisions allowing fast recovery even outpatient surgery!

DimeSpine 2 level TLIF

DimeSpine 2 level TLIF lumbar fusion. The most minimally invasive in the industry

Two level TLIF lumbar fusion surgeries can be done through 2 tiny 18mm dime sized incisions!  This is truly groundbreaking treatment for back and leg pain!

Our Services

Back and leg pain

Back and Leg Pain

Our surgeons specializes in Lamina Preserving Spine Surgery that avoids laminectomy! Dr. Hua also uses a Dime Sized Incision for herniated discs and most Lumbar Fusions. So your back pain will be relieved with faster recovery while preserving the stability of your spine.​​ If you have failed previous surgeries before, we also specialize in revision surgery to correct or add to previous surgery.  Otherwise Spinal Cord Stimulation is also effective if there are no further surgical options.

Neck and arm pain

Neck and Arm Pain

Cervical spine disease can cause neck pain, arm pain, headache, and even paralysis. Our Surgeons specialize in proven Motion Preserving techniques like Artifical Disc Replacement

 and Laminoplasty which avoid fusion and avoid laminectomy.  If fusion is required,  then foraminal expansion fusion is used to reduce nerve root compression and arm pain.

Facial pain, brain tumor, aneurysms

Brain Disorders

 From facial pain to brain tumors and aneurysms, our surgeons treat the most complex brain disorders.  Blood clots are treated using tiny incisions, while brain surgery is typically done with minimal hair shave and minimal injury to normal brain.  Such conditions include trigeminal neuralgia, meningioma, brain tumor, Chiari malformation, AVM, aneurysms, etc.

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